It is possible to collect membership fees using Stripe integration. Payments are transferred straight to your account (Stripe fees apply). Stripe is an external service provider that will handle all the monetary transactions. Please note that Dealum will not be involved in the monetary transactions.

To get Stripe integration for your deal room, please contact your account manager. Only our team can activate Stripe for your deal room.

After Stripe is activated for your deal room, you should go to the 'Preferences' section in deal room settings. Click on ‘Seller setup’ and you are directed to a wizard where you can connect your deal room with a Stripe account. After clicking on ‘Connect with stripe’, you should create an account on Stripe and enter all the necessary information or connect your existing Stripe account. If you have followed through the process in Stripe then your deal room is connected to Stripe and ready to accept payments. For collecting payments you should define payment plans in Seller setup by clicking on ‘Add new plan’. You have to fill in name and price of the plan and choose currency and billing schedule (options are one time payment, annually, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly). Then you can assign a pricing plan to each member group that you want to charge.
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