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Personal settings (company founder/team member)

Personal settings are different from company settings, as personal settings will apply to your account only.

What can I do in "Personal settings"?
How do I access "Personal settings"?
Configuring your personal profile
How do I resend email confirmation link?
Adjusting notification settings
Changing your password
What does "Log out from all devices" do?
Changing the dark/light theme of the software
Changing network traffic setting

What can I do in "Personal settings"?

In Profile tab
Configure your personal profile
Change primary email address
Resend email confirmation link
In Notifications tab
Show or hide browser notifications
Adjust notification settings for each company (and deal room) your account is linked with
In Security tab
Change password
Log out from all devices
In Other tab
Change the dark/light theme of the software
Change network traffic setting
Delete account

How do I access "Personal settings"?

To go to your Personal settings, follow these steps:
Click on your profile icon on the top right corner
A drop-down menu appears
Click on "Personal settings"
You will be taken to your Settings page

If clicking on your profile icon doesn't open a drop-down menu, it means you are in the locked view of filling in your application.
In the locked view of your application filling, no navigation buttons work, to avoid the mistake of leaving the page without saving your progress. We suggest you go to Home page and then follow the steps above.

Configuring your personal profile

Here you can add emails or change your primary email; add your phone number; and add social media links.

After you've added another email (or emails), you can use any email under your personal account as the email used for logging in, regardless of which is your primary email.
Social media links can be seen by deal room members with access to your company's application.

For company team members, the "Mini-bio" and "About" sections are not used. "Mini-bio" and "About" sections are used for investors who need to have an investor profile for their deal room. Since every account can also be part of a deal room, this option remains for all users, including for user accounts that are currently members only in a company.

If you need to resend your confirmation email because the confirmation link is no longer active, please follow these steps:
Go to Home page
Click on your profile icon on the top right corner
Drop-down menu appears
Click on "Personal settings"
You will be taken to your Settings page
Go to "Email addresses" section
Click on "Resend email confirmation"
Go to your email
"Click on "Confirm"

Adjusting notification settings

Browser notifications are used to turn on desktop notifications to see all in-app notifications immediately.

Your browser may ask to confirm or allow desktop notifications. If you'd like to receive desktop notifications, you need to also allow the browser to send them.

Email notifications allow you to choose how many notifications you would like to get on your email.

All messages - you receive daily notification summaries on your email with all notifications (unless you are logged in and have seen the in-app notifications) as well as other automatic system emails. The daily summary may include notifications about new discussion messages, new funding interests etc.
As few as possible - you receive only direct communication. E.g. you receive an email through Dealum, an invitation to an event etc.

Notification types allow you to choose which companies you want to receive notifications from and what type of notifications you would like to receive from each company (or deal room)

You can choose for each activity whether notifications about it are ‘important’ (meaning you’ll get the notification on your email right away if you’re not online on the platform). If an activity has a regular priority, you will get an in-app notification about it. If you are not logged into the platform, you’ll get a daily summary with unread notifications of regular priority on your email. There are some activities that are marked as 'important' by default and cannot be given regular priority. You have an option to disable notifications for any activity that is not relevant to you, including activities that are marked 'important' by default.

Do not forget to click "Save" when you are done adjusting your notification settings

Changing your password

To change your password, follow these steps:
Enter your current password
Enter your new password
Click "Save"

What does "Log out from all devices" do?

When you click "Log out from all devices" it will sign you out of all devices that your account is signed in on. You will need to sign in again on all devices you use Dealum with.

To log out from all devices, just click on the button and you will be logged out on the device you are using now, as well as from all other devices.

Changing the dark/light theme of the software

You can choose to use Dealum in the Light theme or Dark theme. The difference is that instead of the default dark text showing up against a light screen (known as 'Light theme'), a light colour text is presented against a dark screen.

Selecting "System" will use the Browser's own setting, depending on if it is set to Light or Dark.

Changing network traffic setting

Network traffic is the amount of data that moves across a network during any given time. This feature is intended for use if you use your smart phone (or similar device) that might need to conserve data usage.
Enabled setting will lower image resolution and file previews will be disabled
Disabled setting means there is no change to your experience in Dealum
System default setting means the browser's setting is being used. Some mobile browsers have built-in features to support that.

If you do not have issues with data usage or don't have frequent connection issues, this setting can just stay on "System default"

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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