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Data room for companies

What is "Data room documents" on my application?

Data room is a dedicated space where deal rooms can manage due diligence and other similar documents. Only deal room admins and selected members with access to the data room will be able to see the documents in there.

How do I add files to Data room?

To add files to Data room, please follow these steps:
Go to your Applications page
Find the application
Click on "Data room documents"
Click "Add file"
Click "Choose file"
(Optional) Choose if digital signing is needed
(Optional) Choose or create a folder
Click "OK"

After you've uploaded a file to Data room, you can't edit or delete the file. If you need the file deleted, please contact the deal room via "Application discussion".

Can I see all the files contained in Data room documents?

You will only see documents the deal room has given you access to. If a deal room has informed you of a document they've uploaded and you cannot see that file in the list, please remind the deal room to give you access to that document.

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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