I was requested to provide more information about my company/specify my answers to some questions. How can I do that?

If you receive a notification on your email that someone has requested you to provide more information about your company, go to the link in the email.

If there was an additional notice in the email that some important information about your company was missing or wasn't clear enough, then review that information and at the end of the process, press 'Complete' to share the updated information with the deal room (the organization) that requested it.

Sometimes your company may be asked to provide answers to additional review questions. In that case, there will be new fields visible in the form that appears when you go to the link. Fill in the empty fields and press 'Complete' to share new information with the deal room (the organization) that requested it.

A deal room requested a report from my company. How does reporting work? Who can see my reporting information?

When you go to 'Reporting' tab under your company profile, you can add information about your KPIs and progress of previous month(s). Your reporting information is visible only to deal rooms that have reporting access to your profile. You can see what access each deal room has when you go to 'Applications' tab and look at the 'Access granted' column. You can make your KPIs visible to a deal room only when they request reporting access from you.
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