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Leaving a deal room

How can I leave a deal room / remove myself from a deal room?

To leave a deal room:
find this deal room in your home view
open its additional actions menu and choose "Leave the deal room"

You will get an error message and won't be able to leave when you're the last admin or the primary contact person in that deal room.

If you're the primary contact person of the deal room, you have to change the primary contact before you can leave.

If you are the only admin in the deal room, you can:
give another deal room member admin rights
make them a primary contact in the deal room
leave the deal room after that

If you're the only member in the deal room and wish to get your deal room deleted, please contact Dealum support for assistance.

In the context of this article, an admin is a deal room member who has full access/full edit access to all parts of the deal room.

By leaving a deal room, you will permanently lose access to the deal room and its content. You cannot regain access without receiving a new invitation from a deal room admin and rejoining via invitation link.

Updated on: 13/02/2024

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