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Removing votes and voting rounds

How to remove voting from a funnel step?

It is possible to deactivate a voting round or delete it completely. To deactivate voting in a funnel step, go to deal room 'Settings' > 'Preferences' > 'Deal room' > 'Deal room setup' > 'Funnel setup'. Choose 'Voting' from the additional actions menu of the funnel step (three dots under the step name) where you want to deactivate voting. Untick 'Voting is active' in the dialogue that opens and click 'OK'. Voting is not shown on that funnel step anymore after the voting round has been deactivated.

You can also delete the voting round completely if needed. However, please keep in mind that by deleting the voting round, you will lose all votes and voting comments companies received in that round. Results of deleted voting rounds cannot be recovered.

Can I remove votes/ratings that have been given to a company in a specific funnel step and evaluate them again in the same step using the same voting round?

Yes. That can be done by opening the 'All actions' menu of the specific application and choosing 'All vote results' > 'Remove results'.

Updated on: 29/11/2022

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