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Application comments and internal notes

What are application comments and who can see them?

Application comments are located in the Comments tab on each company application.

Application comments section is designed as a place where deal room members can discuss the company or the related application internally.

Application comments are visible only within your deal room, meaning they are not visible to the company or any user who is not a member of your deal room. Deal room members who have “view companies” or higher companies access and activity access can read and post application comments.

What are internal notes on applications and who can see them?

Internal notes are meant for storing company and application-related information the admin team and deal flow managers have. For example, notes about things that have been discovered in the evaluation process before conclusions are put together and published to members.

Internal notes can be edited and seen by only those deal room members who have “full edit access” to companies.

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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