How can I close applications to a deal room? / How to close a deal room from accepting applications?

To deactivate your application link, go to your deal room 'Settings' > 'Preferences' > 'Funnel setup', open the additional actions menu of the funnel step where you want to stop receiving applications to, choose 'Application link' and untick 'Application link active' in the dialogue that will open. Alternatively, you can determine the date range when the application link is active. After the determined time period has passed, the application link will automatically become inactive. This can be done in the same dialogue by ticking 'Date limit' and choosing the start and the end date of accepting applications. Please note that if you want applications to be open for the whole day on the last day of accepting them, you should set the ‘to date’ value to 12:00 AM on the next day.

If you have enabled unfinished applications in the funnel step, then companies that have started an application to your deal room but have not finished it can still finish their application after you have closed the application link. To prevent such companies from finishing their applications, you have to remove all unfinished applications from your deal room after deactivating your application link.
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