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Funding tab on company applications

What information can I see in the Funding tab?

When you open the Funding tab on a company application, you can:
see who are the investors interested in investing in that specific company, and what are their estimated investment amounts (unless corresponding information has been hidden)
add your own interest and optionally hide your name and/or estimated investment amount from other deal room members

Options to keep your name and/or amount anonymous from other members might not be available in all deal rooms.

Your name and estimated investment amount will always be visible to deal flow admins (users who have “view companies and create funding rounds” or higher companies access) and the round lead(s).

It is also possible to add tags to funding interests. Each member can add tags to their own investment interest. Users who can edit/mark interest on other members’ behalf can also add/edit tags to/of their funding interest. Tags can be chosen from a dropdown list that has been set up by deal room admins or entered as free text. Admins (users who have full access to deal room settings) can set up a list of funding interest tags for use in the deal room in Settings > Preferences > Funding.

Setting an interest does not create an obligation to invest.

If a funding round has been created, some additional information and functionalities might be available in the Funding tab, such as funding round documents, Participants discussion and Funding discussion with the company.

If the funding round has been made private in the deal room by a member who has "view companies and create funding rounds" or "full edit access" to companies or the round lead rights, you cannot see the names and indicated investment amounts of other investors or other funding round information before you have joined the round. You can only see the total amount of indications marked and name(s) of the round lead(s). To see other funding round information, you have to request to join the round and your request must be approved by a user with the round lead rights.

Deal flow administrators (people who have "view companies and create funding rounds" or "full edit access" to companies) and the round lead(s) can also add round information and mark investment interest on behalf of other members.

Why is there no Funding tab on company applications?

If there is no Funding tab on company applications, it means that your access in the deal room has been limited so that you do not have access to funding information. If you have full rights in the deal room and there is no Funding tab on company applications, then Funding feature is not turned on in your deal room. Please contact our customer support to get Funding activated in your deal room.

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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