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Setting up voting

How to set up rating/voting in a deal room?

Voting can be set up by deal room members who have full access to deal room settings. To set up voting in your deal room, go to your deal room 'Settings' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Funnel setup' or open funnel setup from the funnel view. Open the additional actions menu of the step where you want to set up voting and choose 'Voting'. Enter the voting question(s) and answer options. Give answer options values (needed for calculating the average result or sum of results in case it is used). Choose the results type for displaying the voting results summary. We recommend using 'Average' or ‘Sum’ for numeric ratings. 'Count' can be useful when using textual answer options (e.g. Yes/No voting). You can give different questions/criteria different weights by adjusting the answer options' values accordingly.

You can choose whether and how much information your members can see about votes company applications received in the specific voting round by adjusting the choice for ‘Members can see other votes’. You can make the following choices:
No (hides votes from all members except members with full access to deal room settings)
Summary (depending on the results type configuration, allows them to see the average, sum or count of the votes each application received)
Anonymously (allows them to see individual voters’ votes and comments without voters’ names)
Yes (allows them to see votes with voters’ names)

If the "Voting is active" box is ticked, voting is displayed in the deal room step where you have set it up. To remove voting from the step, untick the box. 

Is it possible to rate multiple aspects of applications/vote based on multiple criteria?

Yes, it is. You can add several questions to one voting. To add an extra question, use the 'Add question' button in the dialogue where you set up your voting. You can customize the scale/answer options for each question separately.

You can learn more about voting from this video.

Updated on: 29/11/2022

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