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Sharing companies with people outside the deal room

There are several ways to share different information about companies/applications in your deal room to people outside the deal room:
Sharing a company page link that contains basic information about the company. People you share this with can add the company to their deal room and request more information. You can find the link under ‘Share’ option in the ‘All actions’ menu of the company application.
If the funding round has been created, you can share the funding round link and anyone with the link can join the funding round with their personal deal room. That means that they should have or create a Dealum account and a personal deal room.
If you want to share multiple company applications, you can create a separate funnel step for the applications you would like to share and create a member access group with limited access to only that funnel step. You can invite people to join that member group.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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