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Attaching files/documents to company applications

It is possible to attach documents to company applications. Application documents are visible to deal room members who have access to the specific company application and have activity access in the deal room. It's possible to share application documents of your choice with the company as well by ticking the "Company can see the file" checkbox when adding/editing the document. Internal application documents are not visible to anyone outside the deal room they were added in or the company they where shared with. If an application document has not been shared with the company, it's visible only to deal room members.

To add internal documents to a company application:
find and open the application in your deal room
navigate to the documents tab on the application
use the “Upload” or “Link” button available in the Internal documents section
add the document
choose if you want to make it visible to the company
click "Save"

Each application document is tied to a specific application you attach it to.

Documents can be attached as link or files and can be organized into folders. You can read more about document management and different types of documents in the deal room from this article.

Please note that you cannot remove or manage documents that have been uploaded by the company when filling in the application form. These documents are located in the “Documents in company answers” section in the Documents tab.

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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