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Choosing voting members and inviting them to vote

Can I exclude some members/member groups from voting? / Can I include only specific members/member groups in voting?

Yes. When you set up voting in your deal room, you can choose which members/member groups should participate in that voting. That way, the voting bar will be hidden from deal room members who are not selected as voters when they look at Funnel or company applications. They also won't receive invitations to vote when you send jury invitation emails. To include only specific members/member groups in voting, choose 'Only selected members have a vote' for 'Vote type' in the voting setup dialogue. Then tick members or member groups who should participate in voting in the 'Voting members' section.

How to invite deal room members to participate in voting/rating?

To invite relevant deal room members to give their votes to applications, open the funnel step where the voting takes place, open the menu from the right upper corner of your funnel (an arrow) and choose 'Send jury invitation emails'. Voters will receive an invitation to vote on their email. Invitations will be sent only to those deal room members whom the voting round is visible to (those who have access to the funnel step where voting takes place and who have been selected as voting members in the voting round setup) and who have not completed voting yet.

How to assign specific companies to specific voters/jury members?

To assign applications to specific voters, you need to copy the links of these applications (open an application and copy its URL) and send them to relevant voters as a list. The voters should not click ‘Next’ to move to the next application when they're voting since this will give them a random company from that funnel step. Instead, they should open the links one by one to give votes to the companies assigned to them only.

You can learn more about voting from this video.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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