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Sharing companies with other members of the deal room

I saw a company in the deal room that might be interesting for another member. How can I share it with them?

Any deal room member who has access to the deal room’s members list can share a company application with other members.

To do that:
locate the company application you want to share in the deal room
open the All actions menu of the application
choose “Share”
choose “Send to deal room member”
select the relevant member(s)
click “Continue”
add a message to the notification email that will be sent to the member if you wish
click “Send”

When selecting members, you can search for a member by typing in their name or use the “Select” button which opens up the members list and allows you to filter and select any relevant members from the list.

As a result of sharing an application with member(s), selected member(s) will receive an in-app and an email notification (unless they’re active on Dealum) saying you suggested that they take a look at the company whose application you shared (unless this notification has been disabled by the deal room or by the member).

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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