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Sharing funding rounds and inviting external investors to participate

How can I invite people from other deal rooms/outside Dealum to join the funding round?

You can share a funding round via email or using a link. You can find both options when you open the funding round in the deal room and click on "Share round" (available to round leads and members of the lead deal rooms who have "view companies and create funding rounds” or higher companies access).

On the shareable link, people can see the company’s public profile and names of the round lead(s) and the lead deal room(s).

Everyone who has the funding round link can also join the funding round. You can send this link to an administrator of another deal room (another angel group for example) so they can add it to their deal room and make it visible to their members, or share with a private investor who is not using Dealum. If they’re not using Dealum yet, they can still sign up and join the funding round.

If you choose to “Send email invite to join” in the "Share round" dialogue, the recipient will receive the same funding round link on their email. It is possible to reset the funding round link if you have accidentally sent it to a wrong person or no longer want people to be able to join the funding round on that link. You can find the reset link option in “Share round” > “Shareable link”.

Each deal room that has joined the funding round can decide how much information about investment interests indicated in their deal room they share with other deal rooms that participate in the same funding round. They can choose to display only summary (number of investor who have joined the funding round in their deal room and their total estimated investment amount), names or names and contact information of their members who have marked interest.

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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