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Applications statuses for deal rooms

Application status can be seen under the name of the company in the application.

It’s also possible to filter applications using the “Status” filter.

Unfinished means the company has started applying to your deal room but hasn’t finished the application. By default, unfinished applications are hidden in the funnel view. You can see them by applying the “Unfinished” status filter.
Not invited means the company has been added to the deal room by the deal room itself but has not been invited.
Invited means the company has received an invitation from your deal room to join but has yet to accept that invitation.
Normal means the company has joined your deal room. On applications, instead of displaying “Normal” as the status, you can see the date when the company last updated its application.

Locked means the application has been locked for changes. This happens automatically when the application is moved to an “Archive” type of step.
Access revoked means the company has revoked access to their profile updates for the deal room where you’re looking at their application. Information about that company is shown as of the date the deal room last had access to the profile updates of that company.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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