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Filtering and sorting company applications

How to filter deal flow/applications in a deal room?
What does the "Match" filter/button do?
How to sort the list of applications in a funnel step?

How to filter deal flow/applications in a deal room?

You can filter companies in each funnel step separately. To apply filters in a step, click the Filter button on top of the Funnel view. You need to apply filters only once but you have to check the applications that match your filter(s) in different funnel steps separately.

You might be able to filter applications by countries, stages, industries, technologies, broad category, whether they're raising capital, application tags, assignees, application status, following status, and custom information depending on the setup of the specific deal room. 

What does the "Match" filter/button do?

If a deal room member has an investor profile, they will see "Match" filter on top of the funnel.

It allows them to filter out company applications that match with the interests they have defined in their investor profile. It applies industry, country, company stage and other values the investor profile has information about automatically as filters, meaning the member doesn't have to apply them one by one every time to find companies that might be relevant to them.

How to sort the list of applications in a funnel step?

You can sort the list of applications in a specific funnel step by different columns you see in the list view (company name, location, one-liner, total funding interests marked, vote results, and more) when you click on the header of the corresponding column.

By default, applications are sorted by the date and time they were added to your deal room (the newest applications are shown at the top of the list).

You can choose (from a predefined list) which columns are displayed in your funnel list view and replace the "Date added" column with a different application-related date if you wish. You can lean more about it here.

When you sort applications by a chosen column in one funnel step and navigate to other steps, the same sorting option is automatically applied. Sorting will be reset when you navigate out of the deal room.

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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