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Filtering and sorting company applications

Can I filter my deal flow/applications in my deal room?

Yes, you can filter companies in each funnel step separately. To apply filters in a step, click the 'Filter' button in Funnel view. You can filter companies by countries, stages, whether they're raising capital, application tags (if turned on in the deal room) and assignees (if turned on in the deal room). 

Can I sort the list of applications in a funnel step?

You can sort the list of applications in a specific funnel step by different columns you see in the list view (company name, location, one-liner, total funding interests marked, vote results, and more). You can choose (from a predefined list) which columns are displayed in your funnel list view (learn more below).

The 'Date added' column has also alternative options available that you can replace it with and sort the list by. You can access these options by opening the menu from the arrow in the top right corner of the funnel, choosing ‘Select columns’ and opening the dropdown next to ‘Date’. Available options are:

Added to the deal room (Date added) - the date the application was added to the deal room
Added to the step (Date moved) - the date the application was last moved to the funnel step it's currently in
Last reviewed by the company (Date reviewed) - the date the company last updated or reviewed their application to your deal room
Access revoked (Date revoked) - the date the company revoked your deal room's access to their application updates
Information locked (Date locked) - the date your deal room locked the application from displaying changes

If you replace the ‘Date added’ column with a different date, the funnel list view changes in all deal rooms you’re a member of. The change affects only your own user account in the browser you use at the time of changing the displayed date.

Updated on: 29/11/2022

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