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Viewing votes and exporting voting results

How to export vote results?

Only members who have full access to deal room settings can export data. To export voting results, go to your deal room Settings and open the ‘Export / Import’ tab. There you have an option to download an Excel file with voting results. The file will include an average rating for each company in each step. Alternatively, you can go to a funnel step where voting is active and choose 'Actions' -> 'Export all vote results'.

To export the results of a specific voting round only, go to the funnel step where that voting round is currently active, open the menu from the arrow on the upper right corner of your funnel and choose 'Export vote results of {step name}'. Only vote results of companies that are currently in that step will be exported.

How to see who has rated a specific application in any of the funnel steps?

Open the 'All actions' menu (arrow in the funnel view) of that application and choose 'All vote results'. There you can see by steps who are the people who have given ratings and what was each person’s rating.

You can learn more about voting from this video.

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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